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Masturbation For Women.

Don’t be embarrassed if you aren’t sure how to masturbate. Some people start touching themselves later in life than others and some people have trouble figuring out what works best for their body.

Sexuality is confusing. Growing up is confusing.

Regardless of that fact, you deserve to experience pleasure. You deserve to know what an orgasm feels like. That is why you should read through these tips that will teach you how to masturbate:

How To Masturbate With Your Hands – For Women

Before you masturbate, you should put yourself in the mood. You can do that by dimming the lights, watching pornography, reading erotica, or listening to sultry music.

When you are successfully turned on, start by placing some lube onto your index finger and middle finger so that masturbating doesn’t cause you any pain. Then run your fingers along your labia and the sides of the clitoris as foreplay. When you are ready for the main event, rub your clitoris up and down or make circles across it.

In case you did not know, your clitoris is located at the top of your vulva where your two lips meet. (It’s the most sensitive part of your entire body.)

Instead of resting flat on your back, you should try lifting your legs high into the air to reach your clitoris better. You could also try standing or resting on your stomach — whatever feels the best for you.

If you are someone who enjoys penetration, then you could also move your fingers in and out of yourself. Start slowly and then let yourself move faster. To reach your g-spot, use a ‘come hither’ motion with your fingers.

Don’t forget to explore your other erogenous zones. Feel free to play with your nipples or hold your throat or run your hands up and down your own body. Experiment to see what feels the best for you personally.

Just remember that women usually take a while to orgasm, so make sure that you are patient. Do not stress yourself out by wondering what is taking so long, because if you get annoyed, then you are going to reduce your chances of experiencing an orgasm.

How To Masturbate With Toys – For Women

Owning sex toys is nothing to be ashamed about — just like masturbating is nothing to be ashamed about. If you are tired of using your hands, then you can get some assistance.

If you visit an adult shop, you can buy a vibrator to use against your body. You can either rub it against your clitoris the same way that you rub your hands there or you can penetrate yourself with it.

If you cannot choose between the two, then you could invest in a rabbit vibrator. That is a toy that allows you to feel vibrations against your clitoris and have something penetrating you all at once.

If you don’t have any toys from an adult store and are too nervous to make the trip there yourself, then you can use household items to help you orgasm. For instance, you can grind against a pillow or (if it isn’t too weird) a stuffed animal. All you have to do is place your vulva on top of it and then grind your hips against it.

Once you are more comfortable with your body, then you can buy other toys like nipple clamps and anal beads and oversized dildos. You don’t need a partner in order to explore your fetishes. Feel free to test out anything you are interested in trying!

Just make sure that you follow the cleaning instructions on the product carefully so that you don’t end up ruining the toy or transferring bacteria into your body that should not be there.

7 thoughts on “Masturbation For Women.”

  1. nice! and don’t forget that the more you practice, the better it gets.It took me months to get it just right (and it is very individualized). Friends i know use warm water in the tub, or started by experimenting with a partner as well.:) There is no wrong way..except an unhygienic way of course:)

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  2. We should have more post like this!
    Exploration and knowledge comfort and noise be yourself. Satisfying yourself is a great gift. Because you are then able to say to your partner more like this or no not that. I also think woman should look at their genitalia in a mirror. They should also look at some of the photos of how real womens genitalia looks. How labia lips, clitoris’s come in all shapes, colours and sizes. I wish women would understand too that hair is not something to be ashamed of.
    One word of advice regarding water in the bath, be careful if you are using the running water into your vagina. Vaginas are designed not to have water in them. They do not need cleaning, or perfumes, oops RN in me has come out lol

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  3. yes, i agree- i would never do the water am an RN as well..but, the one friend swore by it..never heard her complain about infection( probably just lucky!) i have had to switch to showers even after 30 years of bathing because, well– aging/thinning walls/ yup..

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  4. I totally agree with all you said. I know you’re not suppose to wash your vagina because it cleanses itself. And I feel being shaved totally bald is something you shouldn’t do either. But yes, satisfying is a great gift. We were born naked, so why not look at your naked self in the mirror or whenever. Women are beautiful.

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