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This Is Not How Your Story Ends.

Whatever you are facing right now, even if it is the most difficult of difficult situations, you have to remember that it is not your final destination. There is still a glimpse of hope that is yet to be a better tomorrow, even if you cannot see it right now.

This is not how your story ends.

You are facing a hurdle, and it may seem like you aren’t going to get over it, but what you don’t see, is that you will. Each hurdle in life prepares you for the next hurdle. Think back to the last hurdle you victoriously made it over. Believe it or not, you got stronger after that last one and the one before that. With each stride you take, you build your inner strength.

Life’s difficulties can be worked out one way or another, but you must come to the realization and accept that you cannot figure it all out in one night.

Just like someone starting a new workout regimen, they want to see the results of a perfect body, but it will be a long tedious and impetuous process before they do. The first few days will be spent getting into a routine of reps and sets. It will be difficult, and feelings of soreness will be overwhelming, but the soreness is evidence that they can feel something is going on, even though they cannot see it.

The same goes for when you are trying to work out in life. As you face trials and tribulations that seem to be difficult or painful, remember that it’s your workout season and you are building your inner strength. You may not see the end results, but you can feel the progress going on inside of you—let the process run its course. One day you will wake up and realize you are stronger, wiser, and better.  You will find that you are finally over it.  You will see the end results, and the clouds seem to be lifted.

Pat yourself on the back—you got over it!

The thing to do now is remember this feeling the next time you face another of life’s hurdles.  You will find yourself being more capable of handling this hurdle and you will get over it!

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You Are A Miracle.

On your worst days, when the world has been most cruel to you, when things have gone so wrong you can barely breathe without a thousand knives feeling like they are stabbing into you and you feel like you don’t matter, that none of this matters, I hope you look at the night sky. I hope you realize that in that moment of looking at the incredible tapestry before you, that you are not alone. And most importantly, I hope you understand how no matter what the world has done to you that day, you are a deeply essential being.

You see that same thing that has made the beautiful night sky, with all its diamond stars, with its luminous moon, with the millions of solar systems and galaxies that exist side by side, also thought that you were a brilliant idea. And this isn’t just a pretty thing to say; there is science to back that up. The probability of you existing at all comes down to 1 in 10 to the power of 2,685,000.

The very idea that you exist considering those extremely low odds is a miracle on its own. You see, the exact DNA that comes from your parents to create you could have only happened when your parents met, which is 1 chance in 20,000. That alone should be enough, but when you add up the fact that it has taken 5-10 million years of human evolution for you to exist at this time, in this moment, you begin to recognize just how much of an impossibility you are.

And look, look at what your body is made of. The universe loved you so much, it valued your fight to exist so much, that it gave you the blood of stars, so you are made of 93 percent of the very stars in that night sky. It gave you acids within your stomach that eat away anything you cannot digest, including the hateful emotions that are thrown your way. It gave you a heart that is so powerful, it can beat outside of your body. It gave you a spine stronger than granite. It gave you iron in your veins to remind you of the warrior you are.

You weren’t supposed to exist. You fought all of those odds just to be here. And that is no accident. You are here for a reason. You breathe this air for a reason. You have purpose; your existence means something. Someone smiled because of you today. Someone remembered something you did that was kind. Someone went to sleep thinking of you today. And more so, there ARE people who love you and people you haven’t met yet who will love you so much, they would do anything for you.

You are a miracle. The idea of your existence is a miracle. The fact that you are breathing at all is a miracle. Remember this when the world makes you feel like you don’t matter.

The universe who is creator to us all thought you were a brilliant plan. So it gave you a chance to breathe and exist, even when the probability was so very low, all because you fought to be here and never gave up. From the moment it thought of you, you had already won a cosmic war.

Don’t stop fighting now. No matter what your mental illness says, no matter what the world tells you, no matter the odds. You get up, you look at that night sky, you remember every star that collapsed its own lungs to bring you to life, you remember their sacrifice, and you get up and fight again.

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When You’re Feeling Completely Lost In Life.

My perfectly planned life, a once pristine map perfectly aligned with step-by-step instructions, was now a crumbled mass thrown in a dusty corner. I never wanted help from anyone because I thought I knew it all. I wanted to figure things out for myself, even if that meant failing in the process. Well, the time has come for my failure. For rock bottom to become my new home. Unfamiliar creatures seem to lurk behind every shadow, waiting to pounce when I’m at my weakest. And I’m afraid I’m wilting like a plucked dandelion.

I feel purposeless. Not knowing that my true purpose is to be myself. I watch others succeed with envy instead of happiness. I only listen to speak, instead of truly listening. I rely on others to value me, instead of valuing myself. I have a “glass half empty” outlook, instead of appreciating what I was given. And some days it seems like that glass is going to wobble and crash on the linoleum floor. Little do I know, all I have to do is sweep up the mess and move on.

Now is the time to admit to my failures. To admit I can’t do it all on my own. Admit to myself that I pushed away the people I loved most. Pushed them just far enough along the borders of my own selfishness that I could reach them when it was convenient for me. I fooled them into thinking my plans on being independent were actually working. Fooled myself into thinking that what I was doing was actually succeeding. But success means nothing if you don’t have anyone to share it with. I burned the people I loved most with my unkind words and frigid demeanor.

It was time to mend the relationships I broke. Stitching the seams together with apologies. Gluing the fallen pieces with dabs of truth. Varnishing the finished product with love I had hidden deep in the drawer for safekeeping. It was time to stop defending the knowledge I didn’t have, and accept the unknown. Know it’s okay to not have everything figured out.

I turned my sorrow into motivation. Trying to make something out what I was given. I always looked forward to what my life could be, instead of what it was. Always thinking about how I could only be truly happy if everything fell into place, instead of being happy with how my life was at that moment. I know now that I don’t have everything figured out. And that’s okay. Admitting that is the first step in actually having it all together.

Part of life is becoming lost.

Trying different paths until you find the right one. It gives you perspective and purpose. You find out things about yourself, little by little. Your experiences shape your identity, and prepare you for even bigger challenges. Challenges you’ll welcome with open arms because your failures have made you stronger. It’s okay to feel like you don’t have it all together. No one does. And if they do, they’re very good at faking it.