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When You Are Feeling Down on Life.

When you’re feeling down on life, I hope that you can still find hope in the little things. I hope you can still fathom up a smile when your best friend tells you a funny story. I hope you can still see the color of the beautiful fall leaves even when the rest of the world feels so grey. I hope you can still look in the mirror and see that you look gorgeous, despite how tired and down you may be feeling. I hope you can still have the courage to show up for the day, and I hope you can find that if you do show up, you will be greeted with love and support.

When you’re feeling down on life, I hope you can be gentle with yourself. I hope you can remember that you have a sensitive heart and that a sensitive heart must be cared for with kindness. Even though you’re feeling down on life, I hope you can still nourish your body with comforting foods and warm lavender bubble baths. I hope you can see yourself as you would see a friend, vulnerable and in need of loving, caring arms.

When you’re feeling down on life, I hope you can remember that life comes in seasons, and seasons always change with time. I hope you can accept that at times life can feel a little loving, and at times life can feel a little less nurturing. Yet I hope you understand that this too will pass. And I hope you can still find some form of peace with the current season, knowing that you are strong enough to make it through.

When you’re feeling down on life, I hope you can still remember that the little things really do matter. I hope you find joy in the new book you are reading, and I hope you find energy in your morning walk. I hope you can slow down when you drink your coffee, and remind yourself that you are doing okay. I hope you can get dressed in clothes that you feel comfortable in, and I hope you can smile, almost genuinely, at the person you pass in the elevator. And when you are feeling lonely, I hope you can remember that even when you are feeling unloved and lonely, you are truly surrounded by love; so much love.

When you’re feeling down on life, I hope you can still feel the gentle kindness of all of the little moments that make you feel less alone. I hope you can look to your memories, and remember all of the times you felt loved and comforted. I hope you can remember the times when you were little, when you sat in the car with your family and watched the raindrops splash on the windows, feeling thankful to be warm and cozy in the backseat. I hope you can remember playing board games with all of your cousins, after eating delicious pie for dessert.

And in the present, I hope that even when you are overwhelmed, you can sit on the couch with your best friend and watch a tv show together, knowing that it’s okay to be quiet and calm and that not all quality time depends on the conversation. I hope that you can cuddle with a blanket and your puppy, and remember that some things in life are so worth loving.

When you’re feeling down on life, I hope you can accept that feelings come and go and that even this feeling, no matter how hard, is fleeting. I hope you know that it’s okay to feel down and that you do not need to feel guilty for how you are feeling. I hope you can let this feeling come and go, and know that very soon life will be lighter once again.

But until then, I hope you continue to love yourself even when life is a little dreary.

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I hope you find it in your heart to muster the strength to quit that relationship that isn’t going anywhere. Quit the person who I know you don’t want to give up on. Quit the attention you give to someone else who doesn’t care to give you theirs. Quit the person who doesn’t respect you enough to even answer. Quit settling. Quit thinking you can love someone into liking you. 

I hope you quit your past and stop letting it dictate your future. I hope you quit holding onto your mistakes and not giving yourself the forgiveness you deserve. 

I hope you quit holding onto your ex because they are an ex for a reason. Quit turning to them when you’re lonely because it’s better to be alone than be in the wrong company.

I hope you quit answering that text at 3am or answering the person who only texts you when they are bored. 

Quit everything and everyone in your life who doesn’t deserve you.

I hope you find the courage to quit dating if you aren’t ready and take time learning to love yourself and learn what you want in life. 

I hope you finally decide to quit hating yourself. I hope you quit trying to change who you are to appease others. I hope you quit looking at your reflection in the mirror and telling yourself you aren’t great. 

I hope you quit lying to yourself. Whatever that lie may be that’s on repeat in your brain. 

I hope you finally find the courage to quit the job you hate. Quit the people who are taking advantage of you. Quit doing something that makes someone else happy and go find something that makes you happy. Quit living according to someone else’s standard and go create your own. 

Quit killing yourself to make someone else’s life easier, because I know what it’s like to be miserable and be busting your ass when you know in your heart something isn’t right.

Quit adding unnecessary pressure to your life. Quit comparing yourself to others and thinking you need to be where they are. Quit thinking you are in a rush to get somewhere. 

Quit the path you aren’t happy walking on.

Quit living someone else’s life. Quit living someone else’s dream. Quit that voice inside your head that tells you, “that idea won’t work or it’s crazy.” Do it anyway. 

I hope you quit holding things off until tomorrow. I hope you quit saying, “you’ll be happy when.” Quit thinking you don’t deserve happiness right now and go out and get it.

I hope you quit trying to be normal and find the courage to go off the path a little, even if you don’t have a plan or know where you are going. 

I hope you quit your fears and do that thing that scares you. Go to that place, meet those people, get on that plane and quit thinking you need to come back. 

I hope you quit the bad company. Quit the people who tell you, you can’t and surround yourself with those who encourage and motivate you. Quit those who aren’t bringing you to the next level. Quit the people who aren’t making you the version of yourself you want to be. 

Quit thinking you don’t deserve the best of everything.

Quit pushing that one person or thing away because you’re afraid to be happy. Quit thinking you’re better off alone because this life wasn’t meant to be lived by yourself. You were meant to share in all the great moments and not be met with loneliness. 

Quit running from that person you know loves you because you’re scared of not being able to reciprocate it. Go get what you deserve. 

I hope you quit unhappiness. Quit depression. Quit negative people. Quit doing everything you are doing that isn’t bringing you ultimate happiness.

Quit before it’s too late. 

Quitting something doesn’t make you weak. Staying does.

Staying the path is easy. Routine is easy. Losing yourself to something that doesn’t make you happy happens every day. Then next thing you know, years have passed and you wonder where the time went.

Do not settle. In life. In your career. In your relationships. In love. I’ll say it again, do not settle. 

I hope you find the type of courage inside yourself to quit. 

Quit until you are living the type of life that gives you a reason to put two feet on the ground in the morning. 

Quit until you are doing something that makes you not want to sleep at night because the reality you created is better than any dream. 

Be sure to look back at your story and remember the day you starting living was the day you quit.

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Strong Hearts.

She is strong because she’s been weak.

Anyone who has been that strong can think back to a reel of moments where they completely broke down and fell apart. It’s the moments where they were on the bathroom floor in tears hitting rock bottom in black tears, they never want to live that again. 

And she’s learned.

After moments like that, she has no other choice but to be more cautious when it comes to love. That’s why strong hearts are also the most guarded.

She doesn’t need you…

She learned long ago not to need people. She’s become the only person she does need and has few people she truly can count on. 

…She wants you.

There is value in the girl with a strong heart choosing you. She’s painfully selective when it comes to those she wants in her inner circle. 

She won’t give up on you.

If you give her a reason to have faith in you, she’ll follow that. A girl with a strong heart will believe in you more than she believes in anyone. 

You’re more afraid of her than she is of you.

She’s the girl you know might be good for her but there’s something intimidating about her in the way she carries herself. It’s easier to push her away than accept the amount of love she has to give. 

She’ll look you in the eyes and lie.

And if you hurt her, she won’t talk about it. She won’t try to make you feel bad. She won’t have anything bad to say behind your back. She’ll still look at you with a smile and what will hurt more is, knowing you might have hurt someone who would never do the same. 

She’ll try to make you smile even if you’re hurting her.

The girl with a strong heart can look at the person who broke it in the eyes and still try to make them happier and make their life better. A girl with a strong heart is selfless and will always put others first. She knows when you care about someone, sometimes their happiness doesn’t include you and it’s okay. 

You won’t see her cry.

It’ll be when she’s home alone, she allows every wall to come down in a flood of tears. She’ll cry herself to sleep, then she’ll wake up and be the that strong girl everyone knows and admires. She’s a little too good at being so strong. It’s those battles you don’t know she fights is what makes her beautiful. 

She’ll give her undivided attention even when you don’t.

Girls with strong hearts don’t treat people the way they are treated. They treat people how they want to be treated. And you may call her weak for tolerating the unkindness and disrespect that people show her, but she knows how someone treats her isn’t a reflection of her but rather a reflection of the person. 

She’ll always be brutally honest.

She’ll tell you everything straight up. She won’t hold back. Even when something hurts she’ll be the one to say it. She knows it hurts more to be comforted with bullshit and be hurt with the truth. 

She’ll understand even if she doesn’t like the outcome.

If you hurt her, she’ll put her feelings aside. She’ll try to understand. She’ll even try to be there for you. She gets it. If there is one thing a girl with a strong heart understands, it’s pain, and knowing sometimes things don’t work out. And she has no hard feelings about it. 

You won’t change her.

She might love too loudly and live too boldly but no matter who hurts her or how bad she doesn’t turn cold or stop believing, love won’t be hers to have one day.