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Choose Your Battles Wisely.

I know that you’re the type of girl who stands for what she believes in.

A girl who can’t keep still while there is injustice going on around her, a girl who is always giving her best to do the right thing and a girl who thinks she can change everyone for the better, if she just tries hard enough.

Even though having this kind of spirit is awesome, I have to burst your bubble and tell you to loosen up, to become a little more realistic and to get your head down from the clouds.

You’re not a kid anymore and it’s time to realize that you can’t save the world, as much as you’d like to.

It’s time for you to start appreciating your own time and energy and to stop wasting either of them on irrelevant people and situations.

Time to choose what and who are worthy of your maximum effort.

You simply have to learn when it’s time to fight and when it’s time to turn your back and leave.

Learn when it’s time to tackle a certain issue and when it’s time to embrace it and to accept that you can’t change it.

You have to learn that letting go doesn’t equal quitting and that giving up doesn’t necessarily mean you’re weak.

Let’s be honest—for as long as you can remember, you’ve been always giving one hundred percent of yourself to every relationship you get involved with.

It doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about romance, friendship, your studies or your work—you go all the way in or you don’t put yourself out there at all.

Congratulations because this is an amazing personality trait.

It shows that you’re a persistent girl who doesn’t give up until she gets what she wants and until she achieves her initial goals.

However, even though your power of character is awesome, this kind of lifestyle has taken a toll on your tired soul.

It exhausted you and it left you with no inner strength to deal with the things that really matter.

You’re left with negativity and darkness which cannot be chased away as easily.

You’re left all alone to tackle your own issues, without anyone to give you a hand.

You wasted so much of your time and effort on countless relationships which were doomed to fail, on numerous friendships which turned out to be phoney and on people who never deserved you lifting a finger for their sake.

And now, you have no energy to fight your own demons and to get your own life in order.

So instead of acting like everyone’s guardian angel, give yourself a break.

Instead of being so scared of quitting, give yourself the opportunity to change your mind and to let go of those who don’t matter.

Let’s face it—you can’t win every battle.

Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be your goal either.

Instead, you should focus on learning to pick your battles wisely because not all are worthy of your scars.

Most importantly—if you fight each one of them with the same passion and intensity, you’ll be too exhausted to win the ones which really matter.

Don’t allow toxic people to drain your precious energy because when the time comes, you’ll have none left to handle your own issues. 

And there is also one thing you have to remember when it comes to you as well: not every problem you have is the end of the world, you know.

Not every little inconvenience you experience is worthy of you beating yourself up or allowing it to overwhelm you completely, and not every argument you get yourself involved in is worthy of losing your head over.

People will always do things you disapprove of.

They will always have different perspectives in life and will always make mistakes.

However, it is not your job to show them the path and hold their hand on the way, especially if this is not something they want.

It is not your job to pull them out of the darkness and to be their light at the end of the tunnel.

Be smart enough to choose the challenges you face and respond to.

Smart enough to preserve your energy and time for relevant people and situations without using it on everyone who happens to enter your life.

Please, be wise and pick only the challenges which will help you become better and which offer you a possibility to improve yourself.

And when it comes to the rest, just let them pass and leave them behind, where they belong.

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Don’t Lower Your Standards.

You’re a strong, self-sufficient woman who knows what she wants—nobody can argue with that.

You know what type of partner you deserve and need but sadly, you have no luck in finding a man who would suit you.

It is not that you’re looking for a flawless Mr. Perfect who will make of your wildest fantasies come true—you just want a man who will have the ability to keep up with you, a man who will see your worth and most importantly, a man who will give you back all the love he’s getting from you. 

So why does everyone keep telling you that you’re asking for too much?

Why does everyone keep accusing you of being too picky when it comes to men, and why does everyone keep on advising you to lower your standards?

Let me tell you one thing: It is always better to remain single than to be with someone who doesn’t fit your criteria, and with someone who doesn’t match your requirements.

So, cut the bullshit and don’t even think of lowering your standards because I can assure you that this won’t increase your chances of happiness.

You see, it is not enough to find a man you’re just comfortable with, a man who is convenient at a given time and who has the potential to save you from dying alone.

You shouldn’t settle on spending the rest of your life with a dude who looks good on paper, but doesn’t make you feel deep love.

With a nice guy who probably won’t turn into an asshole over time, but who is not likely to dump you when he gets tired of you.

It is not enough to be with a man who won’t cheat on you, who won’t abuse you in any way and who’ll have the decency to return your phone calls and take you out a few times a week.

You shouldn’t consider yourself lucky just for running into a guy who puts some effort into your relationship, who buys you flowers and chocolate for Valentine’s Day, who doesn’t forget your birthday or who doesn’t put you last.

None of this is a privilege you should be thankful for—it is the bare minimum and something that should be implied in every normal relationship.

It is not the type of relationship you should chase, out of fear of being alone.

So, please, don’t lower your standards because by doing so, you’ll also decrease your happiness.

You’ll betray all of your principles, you’ll ruin your future and you’ll sentence yourself to a miserable, loveless life.

Besides, lowering your standards won’t magically invite everlasting love into your life.

Yes, it might help you get a temporary boyfriend but it definitely won’t make you any happier in the long run.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m not saying that you should have unrealistic expectations or that you should concentrate on finding a rich, handsome model who will nod his head to every word you say.

However, don’t lower your standards just because you can’t find what you’re looking for or because someone accused you of asking for too much.

Instead, look for more because you deserve more.

Search for a man who will make you feel alive and calm at the same time, a man who will make you feel loved and protected, and a man who will be your real partner through life.

Don’t settle for a man who will only satisfy your physical or emotional needs at this time.

Instead, look for someone who will make you feel complete and who will fill all of your voids for the rest of your life.

Someone you’ll love, someone who will be your perfect match and someone you can see yourself growing old next to. 

Yes, I know that waiting for this type of man might get tiring and exhausting.

I know that being single while sitting around and expecting him to show up is not easy.

However, spending the rest of your life regretting the choices you’ve made out of despair would be even more difficult.

Wishing you could go back in time and not give a chance to that someone who didn’t deserve it is much more devastating and something you should never put yourself through.

So please, don’t give up on finding Mr. Right just yet.

Don’t lose hope or settle for less than you deserve.

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Happy Thanksgiving.

Of course, your Thanksgiving menu is important, but the holiday is so much more than just piling our plates with mashed potatoes. Thanksgiving Day is also a time to show your gratitude for your friends, family, and all that you have in life. These best Thanksgiving quotes will remind everyone of the reason for the fall season! This list is full of thoughtful words that would make for a great holiday toast or even as a nice Thanksgiving Instagram caption. The day can be quite hectic, especially if you’re hosting this year’s festivities—so make sure you read these Thanksgiving quotes for friends and family before November 28, and then save them to read aloud to your guests on Thanksgiving Day.

Or when your day starts to get stressful (and you realize just how many stores are closed on Thanksgiving just as soon as you run out of pumpkin pie ingredients!), just take a moment to scroll through this roundup. We especially love the thankful quotes: “Give thanks not just on Thanksgiving Day, but every day of your life. Appreciate and never take for granted all that you have,” which was said by Catherine Pulsifer. It reminds us to be mindful and thankful of all we do have. We also love these words by Daniel Humm: “What I love about Thanksgiving is that it’s purely about getting together with friends or family and enjoying food. It’s really for everybody, and it doesn’t matter where you’re from.” That quote truly encompasses how special the holiday is.

Thanksgiving Quotes Nora Ephron

Safran Foer Thanksgiving Quotes

Johannes Gaertner Thanksgiving Quotes

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The Girl Who Is “Just Friends.”

When you’re the girl who is “just friends” with guys, there is this misconceived notion there is something wrong with you that it’s never more. 

They assume you got friend zoned by another guy that just didn’t feel the same way.

When you’re the girl who is “just friends” with guys, there’s this assumption you simply pine after people who don’t want you.

When you’re the girl who is “just friends” with guys, everyone thinks they know the whole story as they watch bits and pieces play out.

But as the girl who is “just friends” with guys, there’s a lot spectator don’t know and she likes it that way. 

What they don’t see is how often her phone blows up with a long list of guys names in her inbox.

All engaging in deep conversations because she’s their favorite person to talk to.

What those people don’t see is how nothing is really that complicated or some mystery to her. She knows the relationship. She respects it. She isn’t pining after something, but simply taking it for what it is and not needing to demand more.

What they don’t see is how she really gets treated. While many play games and mess with girls heads, these guys wouldn’t dare do it with her.

She knows the best type of game to play is one you don’t play at all. 

Every text gets answered without having to think twice.

Every mistake comes with an apology before she even has to confront them about it.

Every door is opened. Every chair is pulled out. Every bill is paid for without her having to touch her wallet ever in his presence.

The honest truth about girls who are “just friends” with guys, are these guys treat her like gold and would do anything she asks them to.

What people don’t see about the girl who is “just friends” with guys, are the private conversations of whispers in her ear saying how much they love her, how much she means and how beautiful she is to them.

What they see is her reaching for his hand in public. A kiss on the cheek. Obvious signs of affection they don’t think are reciprocated from afar.

They don’t see the private dinners and flowers just because.

They don’t see him introducing her to his family, knowing very well everyone will love her and he’ll hear about it later. His mother will tell him everything he already knows about how she’s different than the rest. 

And his mom will watch them knowing very well there’s something there no one but her can see.

What people don’t see is the time they spend alone walking and holding hands. Laughing until it hurts. Confiding in each other as friends do but it’s deeper than that. 

It’s the coffee dates where she runs out the door saying she’s meeting “a friend.” It’s the intense eye contact as she stares and he’s wondering what she’s thinking.

It’s walking away with a kiss that comes so easy and natural to her. And every time she goes, he watches her leave and she knows it.

What people don’t see are the nights together where shadows become one and silence and innocent kissing always turns into a little more.

What people hear are the conversations as she and 4 AM are the keeper of every secret. The ones he can’t even admit to himself sometimes. 

There is something about her he trusts. Where he questions everyone and everything, with her he’s never had to. She’s the most honest person he knows.

What people don’t see are the mornings together as he wakes up holding her not wanting her to leave, but being afraid to admit it.

And that’s the thing about people who are “just friends.” They are terrified to admit what is there. But she isn’t. She sees it.

He looks at her because everything she’s shown him is exactly who she is. There is a fear of someone that confident. There is fear of having everything you’ve ever wanted right in front of you. It paralyzes you in a way. 

And she’s too polite to ask for more. So she takes what she gets with a smile. Because it is enough.

The thing people don’t understand about the girl who is “just friends” with guys is, she doesn’t lack love in her life. It just comes in a different form that isn’t socially acceptable to flaunt because there isn’t a label to it. There isn’t some box you can put it in. So everyone says, “just friends.” And she’ll smile because the truth is, it’s so much more than that.

The truth is, she has more guys willing to go to bat for her than most.

And sure she’s seen rejection more times than not.

Boys who weren’t ready for someone like her.

But in time, they all came around. Dressed up with an apology wanting to be everything she needed. And they’ll compliment her and she’ll smile ever so coy, just because it took them a little longer to realize something she already knew.

The girl who is “just friends” with guys, ultimately wins in the end. 

Because they either realize her value before it’s too late and do something, or have to watch someone else who didn’t need so much time.

And when that happens and she’s no longer the bed they can crawl into or the date and conversation they miss, it’ll be then they realize what they could have had.

Be wary of the girl who is “just friends” with guys because it’s never the case. It’s never that simple.

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Addicted To Toxic Relationships.

People often associate those in toxic relationships with someone who is weak. Someone who doesn’t have enough self-respect to walk away. Someone who is tolerating a lot less than they deserved. 

But as someone who lived through the turmoil of the ups and downs and endings just to begin again, I look at myself as really strong. Strong for coming out on the other side. Yes, a bit tainted but no one walks through fire not getting burnt a little.

I thought I was strong for hanging on so long. Strong for believing in someone and respecting my own feelings enough to not walk away. Strong for loving someone that much.

When people ask about him and our relationship, I don’t look back at it negatively. I look back at it and I see love.

Love underneath the ashes and the chaos we created in each other’s lives. Because maybe it wasn’t just him that was toxic. I think more than that, I was toxic to myself for continuing to run in circles I knew would lead me to the same place.

The truth was, it was him that ended it. I would never give up on him. I would have kept trying. I would have tried until I completely self-destructed. And in time I did.

He was like some drug and every hit took me to this high and I always came back wanting more. I don’t know much about drugs, but I know people can be as addicting as any hard substance.

That’s all an addiction is, trying to find comfort in the same thing that’s destroying you.

He said goodbye one night and it didn’t even hurt anymore. I was completely numb to it. And that’s what was so scary about it. I had been hurt so many times it didn’t even faze me anymore.

But the hard part wasn’t the ending. It came with a thank you on his part because I think he finally knew what he put me through.

There was no doubt I loved him and I would have done anything to make it work. In fact, I had. I invested time and energy into something that would end in complete destruction, but I still fought for it. I fought like hell for him.

But it was a toxic relationship.

It was a relationship full of mind games and doubts and questioning every move I made and every word I said. It was every fight always ended in me apologizing and it somehow always being my fault. It was saying things just to piss each other off and knowing exactly how to. 

But then it was the good stuff too. It was the nights together where I wanted time to freeze in that moment. It was every bad day he was the one I knew I could turn to.

It was with a simple look and a short phrase he knew something was up and he knew just to hold me. The honest truth was, he knew better than any person in my life and I loved him for that.

It was every day waking up to his texts and every conversation ending with I love you. I don’t know if he knew how in love with him I was. But even with the bad stuff, he set this template for everything I wanted in a person.

And I know that sounds crazy. How can a toxic standard be the one I had? But the truth about toxic relationships is, they aren’t all bad all the time. There’s a reason people tolerate the bad stuff.

But it ended and I moved on.

But in everyone I dated, I looked for a piece of him there. Every date I’d sit across the table and think about him. He ruined dating for me a bit after that because even after it ended, he still consumed so much of my heart.

Then there were the negative effects a toxic relationship had on me. I questioned everyone’s motives after that. Every new person I expected there to be some catch. Some chick on the side. Some fight that would lead us to make up again and run in circles. I expected to be treated bad.

Until I realized normal relationships aren’t screaming and fighting and royally fucking with you. I began to be treated like I deserved and I’d run from it. I began to meet really great guys and I pushed them away.

Then I began to search for other toxic relationships to fill this sick void and get that hit I needed. And when I found people like these, all that happened was an ending of me crying myself to sleep, same story different guy. But there was something painfully comforting about what I was used to.

Life after a toxic relationship is like recovery in a way. You have to admit to yourself there’s a problem and it isn’t something to be fixed in a partner. It’s something you need to fix within yourself first. Then you need to be able to identify it and step away from anyone or anything that will bring you back to that self-destructive path. 

You have to build yourself up in such a way that even when you’re tempted you don’t want it. Because you understand the effects it has on you.

I sat across a coffee table looking prettier than I had ever in the time he knew me. And he grabbed my hand and looked me deep in the eyes. He told me I never looked more beautiful. And the honest truth was, I felt nothing for the person sitting across from me.

I think a piece of me would always love him and I think a part of me would always look for his better qualities and potential suitors, but I didn’t want him anymore.

I looked at him and knew maybe we weren’t meant to be, in the forever sense I hung onto so long as an adolescent. There was a bitter sweet moment that came with that followed by a feeling overcome with peace.

And it was only after not getting what I wanted, did I finally get what I deserved.

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The Right Person.

The one that is destined to spend their life next to you won’t mind your flaws.

Your soulmate, your kindred spirit, your twin flame, your lover, your one true love, whatever you want to call it, they won’t be bothered by your imperfections.

This person will accept you for who you are. They will fall in love with your wild, untamed side. They will find your silly little quirks cute. Your different opinions and ideas will not be something they’d wish to change. In fact, your differences will inspire them to question and change certain things in life.

The right one will not be bothered by your loud and overthinking mind. They will hush down your loudest insecurities and calm down your paranoia’s. They will not judge you. On the contrary, they will understand the reason why you always over analyze everything. They will know that you do that because you deeply care for them.

The right person will not go running for the hills when you two have a small fight. They will not be afraid to confront you and openly talk to you about any kind of issues you two might have. They won’t mind your mini breakdowns. They are not going to leave you all alone when you feel the weakest. They will stand by you, hold your hand and let you know that the best is yet to come.

The right person isn’t going to judge you for being weird. They will enjoy your peculiar traits. In fact, your craziness will complement their craziness. They are going to make you laugh until you cry. They are going to make sure you feel comfortable to be yourself in front of them, without masks and without embarrassment.

The right person isn’t going to be afraid of the intensity of your love. They won’t feel overwhelmed by your affection. In fact, they will enjoy your small acts of love. They will love the way you spoil them, treat them and make them feel like the happiest person alive. They will never need a break from you or your love. Because this person will be thrilled to spend their life by your side.

Most importantly, the right person for you will never hurt you, leave you, lie to you or abandon you. They are going to take care of your heart and soul the way they take care of their own.