50 Lies Anxiety Tells You.

1. You aren’t good enough.

2. You aren’t pretty enough.

3. You aren’t smart enough.

4. You’re going to fail.

5. You are going to get fired.

6. Your friends don’t actually like you.

7. They all talk about you when you leave.

8. This new person you’re seeing doesn’t care.

9. Everyone feels sorry for you.

10. They all think you’re weird.

11. You probably didn’t lock the door before you left.

12. Someone is going to break in.

13. You definitely didn’t turn off the stove.

14. The house is going to burn down.

15. You forgot something, turn around.

16. If you turn around though you’re going to be late.

17. You really messed up today.

18. You said something really dumb in the meeting.

19. That person is deliberately ignoring your texts.

20. You should send the second one though.

21. Your relationship is going to end.

22. And it’s going to be all your fault.

23. You’re nuts.

24. No one will understand this.

25. So don’t explain it.

26. Everyone is staring at you right now.

27. No one wants you here.

28. No one likes you.

29. You’re a burden to everyone.

30. Something bad is going to happen on this flight.

31. This problem is completely your fault.

32. You could have done better.

33. Everyone thinks you’re weird.

34. You don’t have real friends.

35. Remember that mistake you made?…

36. They haven’t forgiven you.

37. You should probably apologize.

38. Everyone thinks you’re making a big deal out of nothing.

39. Everyone sees how nervous you are.

40. You’re going to do terribly.

41. You humiliated yourself drinking last night.

42. You lost all your friends.

43. You ruined your relationship.

44. You lost everyone’s respect.

45. Everyone is doing so much better than you.

46. Everyone is a lot happier.

47. You’re not going to sleep yet.

48. Let’s replay everything that happened.

49. Stop trying so hard you’ll never be good enough.

50. Everyone will leave you.



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