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I Hope You Choose Someone…

I hope you choose someone who never stops picking you first.

I hope you choose someone who makes you feel a sense of wholeness even if you never felt empty before.

I hope you choose someone who answers every text you send, immediately.

Someone who calls you right back when they’ve missed it.

I hope you choose someone who builds you up in such a way they make you feel like you’re the most beautiful person in the whole world.

Someone who looks at you and says, ‘I’m the lucky one,’ even if it feels like you’re the one who lucked out.

I hope you choose someone who meets you halfway and never makes you feel like you have to try that hard.

Someone who reciprocates everything you have to give.

I hope you choose someone who compliments you in such a way you’re the best version of yourself standing next to them.

Someone who simply brings out the best in you and pushes you to achieve more.

I hope you choose someone who takes care of you. Physically. Emotionally. Mentally.

Someone who doesn’t judge you too harshly when you aren’t at your best, but steps up when they need to.

I hope you choose someone your friends like because they see how happy this person makes you.

Someone your dad respects, even though he’ll never think anyone is good enough.

I hope you choose someone who respects you. From opening doors to pulling out chairs to taking your coat.

Someone who shows through the little things they care.

The person who takes the time to learn about every scar in your past and runs your fingers over it showing you there is a beauty to the things that hurt you. Because it made you who you are.

I hope you choose someone who would make sacrifices for you.

Someone who understands and respects relationships are about give and take.

I hope you choose someone who cares about the little things, like you getting home safely, you putting your seatbelt on and if you’re feeling better after a cold.

Someone who will send you flowers and knows exactly which ones you like.

Someone who shows effort and caring is okay and this is what you deserve.

I hope you choose someone who doesn’t want to change you, but does help you to see your full potential and what you can amount to.

Someone who genuinely wants you to be happy because you being happy makes them happy.

I hope you choose someone who doesn’t make you question your self-worth or if you’ve done something wrong.

The one who isn’t afraid to apologize when they are wrong and makes it up to you.

I hope you choose someone who still makes you a little nervous when you see them.

But at the same time, there’s confidence to everything about you two together.

I hope you choose someone who makes you realize they are the only choice that makes sense in your life.

Because the day you met them, was the day you started feeling alive for the first time in a long time.


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I’m Always Going To Be…

I’m always going to be that first text.

The one doing double takes looking at my phone.

The one who answers quickly regardless of how much time you let pass.

The one who sucks at hiding emotions.

You look at my face and you see every emotion across it.

I’m always going to be the one making the plans.

The one investing more time, emotion, and effort if I think you’re worth it.

I’m always going to be the one who falls a little too fast and hard.

No matter how many time I crash at the bottom.

The truth is, there isn’t a painful enough ending that’s changed me.

Sometimes I wish there was.

I’m always going to be the one that tries a little too hard for someone.

And it isn’t that I don’t know my self-worth or I’m overcompensating for things I lack.

It’s just who I am. Even when I wish I was someone else.

Someone who puts 110% into everyone and everything.

And when you tell me to care less, I’m not going to know how to.

Trying too hard to please people has always come very naturally to me.

To me, it doesn’t seem like much of an effort at all.

I’m always going to look at others before myself.

My greatest attribute is also a shortcoming.

Selfless over selfish.

When maybe sometimes it should be the opposite.

Giving my best, but always expecting the worst.

The one who constantly tries.

The one who is tired, but still finds the energy and time to not let people down.

Even though so many people in the past have let me down and disappointed me.

I hate being asked the question “would they do the same?”

Because most the time they wouldn’t.

But I’ve never based my life on keeping score but rather what value do I add to someone else’s life.

And it isn’t just romantic relationships, it’s every relationship.

Every friendship.

Every family relationship.

Always being the one who takes care of everything.

And even when it’s hard, I make it look easy.

Even when I’m tired, somehow find energy.

Running myself thin is what I’m used to.

Even when I need to be in two places at once, I somehow make it happen.

And if I let someone down, I take it very personally.

Wearing my heart on my sleeve.

Doing everything I possibly can to make others happy.

Hoping and praying it’s enough.

And thank you’s get replaced with silence.

Appreciation turns into expectation.

And people ask why I try too hard.

And sometimes I wonder it myself.

Sometimes I wish I had a heart that cared less.

A brain that didn’t constantly over analyze things thinking maybe it’s me.

Someone who didn’t take things so personally.

A heart that cares too much seems to be the one that always gets hurt the worst.

But somewhere on the verge of faith being shaken, I think and hope and pray someone sees the value in a heart that’s soft in a world that’s tried so hard to make it hard.