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You’ll Regret It, If You Hurt Her.

Know she thought you were different.
She thought you were one of the good ones.
She thought she could trust you.

So as apprehensive as she was, she took one step forward.
Then two.
Watching her back with every move.
Carefully analyzing everything.

Caught somewhere between her heart and head.
She had to repeat over and over again.
Don’t fall too fast because he might not catch you.

Before you lead her on, know this.

Know how many guys did before you.
Know whatever she might have given you, was her best
Regardless of how she got hurt.

Know that when you told her everything she wanted to hear.
She believed you.
And she was honest.

Before you text her when you’re bored, know this.

Know she’s happy to hear from you.
In fact, it probably made her day.

When she’s asking you questions and keeping the conversation going,
She’s remembering the little things you say.

And she might answer too quickly.
Or care too much.
But it’s a flaw in you for not seeing that as her strength.

Before you cancel on her last-minute, know this.

She’s probably already dressed and ready.
She’s probably been looking forward to this all week.

She’s probably reminded herself don’t get your hopes up yet.
Just in case.

But hoping you might surprise her.

Before you make up some excuse, know this.

She’ll believe your excuses because she wants to be right about you.
She’ll give you a second chance to prove maybe you’re worth it.
She wants you to be worth it.

She’ll say it’s okay, when you say I’m sorry.
But what she isn’t saying is, I’ve heard this before.
I’ve seen this play out.

Before you ignore her, know this.

Remember how she never ignored you.
Even when she was busy.

She’ll stare at her phone every few seconds.
Wondering what she might have said or done wrong.
She’ll contemplate sending another text, even though she won’t.
She’ll try and keep busy just to keep her mind off it.
But it’s consuming her.

Because when the only attention that matters
is from the person you’re not getting it from,
it sucks.

Before you use her just for sex, know this.

So many guys have before you.
And when you’re done she’ll lay there hoping this time it’s different.
Hoping maybe this time it’s more.
Hoping that when she leaves, she’ll hear from you again.
But she won’t expect to.

Before you ruin her day, know this.

Whatever bomb it is you’re going to drop on her, she doesn’t deserve it.

Know she’s going to reread what you said over and over again.
Holding back tears.
She’s going to analyze it to the core trying to see where you came from.
She’s going to talk to her friends and feel horrible for days.
She’s going to blame herself.
She’s going to say sorry.
She’s going to try to make it right.

Without realizing at first you were wrong, not her.

Before you end it, know this.

If you end it with an explanation.
Or not explaining yourself at all.
Whether you tell her to her face or not.

She’s not going to hate you for it.
She’s not going to say anything mean back.
Even if you deserve it.
But she’ll accept it.

And in time, she will get over it.
She might crawl up into a ball and cry.
But she will get over it.

She might hold back tears at work
Pretending things are fine when they aren’t.
But she will get over it.

She might turn red when you run into each other.
Trying to play it cool.
But she will get over it.

She might want to text you.
But that feeling she’ll let pass.
And she will get over it.

And she might want an explanation.
But she knows sometimes even when you deserve it.
She won’t get that or the closure she needs.

Before you decide you made a mistake, know this.

When you decide enough time has passed and she might have forgotten.
Know she hasn’t.

When you’re bored and alone and you miss her.
Wondering if she feels the same way.
She might have at one point.
But she doesn’t anymore.

When you run into her and she looks prettier and happier.
And you suddenly want her.

When you meet someone else and you look at them and see her.
Realizing how different she was.
Don’t tell her that.

And when you get drunk and you draft a text and contemplate sending it.

Because you left her analyzing every mistake she could have made.
Only to realize she really didn’t do anything wrong other than care.

You’re the one who made the mistake, not her.

And she’s going to walk away not remembering you at all.
Just add your name to another list of people who wronged her.
But remember how you were exactly like everyone else.
And she was made the fool for thinking you were different.


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The Girl Who Fixes People.

She sees the good in everyone.

“I can see beauty where others see ugliness. That either makes me an artist or a person with very poor taste.” – Unknown

She’s always going to look for the best in people. She’s always going to swear she sees something under the surface. And sometimes she is true. Sometimes she tries to pull it out of them. But when you have to try that hard, it isn’t that the person isn’t worth it, but these people end up draining any light and all the good energy from the best parts of her.

She likes the challenge.

She gravitates towards these people because she likes projects. She likes complexity. You give her a guy who is simple and normal with no baggage, she’s going to get bored. She likes the people who have an edge and chip on their shoulder. She likes people who are guarded. She likes people who push her away. Because when she finally earns their trust, love, and loyalty, she knows it wasn’t easy but worth it.

He likes seeing how far he can push her and she pushes him too. This becomes toxic when they fight. They are constantly challenging each other like it’s a death match. Eventually, they realize they just keep hurting each other.

She doesn’t give up easily.

Even when it’s someone who might not deserve her effort, she doesn’t give up on him and they run in these toxic circles of him pulling away and coming back and them never really having a functional or stable relationship.

He likes someone who cares that much and she truly believes from the bottom of her heart its love. But sometimes girls who like to fix people, give love without demanding it to be reciprocated, and that’s when it becomes toxic.

She plays the role she needs to.

The girl who tries to fix someone always tries to be what someone may need, even if it means compromising her self-respect to appease him.

And he gets in the habit of using her. Maybe it’s emotionally. Maybe it’s physically. But the girl who tries to fix people, let toxic men get away with it. And in return, she might be what he needs, but he will never be the rock she can rely on and needs herself.

She’ll try and heal him.

But toxic men have things in their lives and in their past they can’t heal from. They just learn to live with what happened to them. They hide the pain like it didn’t happen.

This becomes toxic because she tries to make him address things in hopes that talking about it will heal him. But even he if trusts her enough to tell her what happened, she’ll never truly understand unless she experienced it herself. And that’s where the line will always be with them. She has a heart of gold with the best intentions. And he’s dark and complicated and sometimes heartless when he wants to be.

She thinks she can change him.

You can’t go into a relationship looking to change someone or think you’re the person who has that ability.

While she might have the best intentions. She learns the hard way people have to want to change on their own and the more you try to fix someone, the more they might end of resenting you for it.
This becomes toxic when he claims she’s trying to make him someone he’s not. When he says I can’t be what you need and she truly believes he can be. They end up resenting each other a bit.

She’s not afraid of him at his worst.

She’s seen every dark side to who he is. She’s chosen to stay. She loves him regardless of how bad he might be for her.

But it becomes toxic when the worst part of who he is takes it and projects his anger and repressed emotions on out on her. When he chooses to hurt her because he thinks she’s best without him, she ends up heartbroken and he ends up losing the only person who truly loved him.

While she might forgive him and never give up on him, he believes she deserves better.

These relationships end not because love isn’t there, but because the girl who fixes people deserves more, and even after putting her through the ringer and challenging her every which way and watching her pass, he realizes he does care about her. He cares about her enough to let her go and be with someone who deserves a heart like her.

She becomes heartbroken by the person she would have given everything too. She walks away a little more guarded not trusting people as easily.

He seems to come out of it with the upper hand. He learns that love really can happen in his life. But he has to change if he wants it to. He takes the lessons she taught him about love and relationships, and applies it to his next relationship, and it works.

The girl who fixes people is best at relationships. She’s the one that changes him. The one that gives him hope in a life he thought he’d be alone in. And it takes a really strong person to teach a toxic person that and not be one to reap in the benefits of that lesson learned.