90 Simple Mantras You Should Live By.

  1. Forgive people even when they aren’t sorry.
  2. Forgive yourself because you deserve peace of mind.
  3. If something scares, you that’s probably the choice you should make.
  4. If you think you’re settling, you probably are.
  5. Don’t like boys who ignore you.
  6.  Don’t give people relationship benefits if they don’t want a relationship.
  7.  Don’t think too much about someone blowing up your news feed.
  8. If you’re tired of being played, stop responding.
  9. Set a clear standard for the relationship you want.
  10.  If someone doesn’t meet your standards, realize what needs to change is the person, not your expectations.
  11. If someone makes you feel like you’re not good enough, it isn’t your job to prove you are.
  12. Learn to speak to yourself a little more kindly.
  13. Learn to talk about others a little nicer.
  14. Be kinder to others because you never know what someone is going through.
  15. Realize people are only mean when threatened.
  16. Realize not everything you think needs to come out of your mouth.
  17.  If it isn’t kind, don’t say it.
  18.  If it isn’t true, don’t share it.
  19. If something isn’t making you happy, stop doing it.
  20. If you don’t want to go out, stay in and don’t feel bad about it.
  21. How someone depicts their life across social media isn’t always an accurate depiction of it.
  22. Don’t be so hard on yourself.
  23. When you feel defeated, learn to take a break, don’t quit.
  24. Realize not everyone is going to like you and that’s okay.
  25. Realize there are some people who watch your every move because they want you to fail.
  26. Use that as motivation.
  27. If someone rejects you, that doesn’t mean you should reject yourself.
  28. Pay close attention to how you feel around certain people.
  29. And if someone is toxic, keep them at arm’s length.
  30. If the relationship still hasn’t gone where you want it to, say goodbye.
  31. If you really want something, make a plan of how to get there.
  32. Set realistic goals for yourself.
  33. Realize success isn’t going to happen overnight.
  34. Realize when you’re giving someone too many chances.
  35. Realize when you might not be benefitting someone else’s life and let them go.
  36. Pay close attention to the red flags in your life.
  37. Do what makes you happy.
  38. Don’t try so hard to impress others or give them a reason to stay.
  39. Realize the people who are meant to be in your life aren’t going anywhere.
  40. Spend every day trying to improve even a little bit.
  41. Treat people better than they treat yourself.
  42. But also know when someone doesn’t deserve your effort and it’s time to walk away.
  43. Remember the little things people do for you.
  44. And when someone does something wrong, don’t forget the things they did right.
  45. Stop trying so hard to make everyone else happy if the choice you are making isn’t something you want.
  46. When an ex-comes back, don’t let them in so easily.
  47. Realize someone hurting you once is a mistake, but when they do it a second time, it’s a choice.
  48. Call your parents more and tell them you love them.
  49. When that moment comes and you realize how much they sacrificed for you say ‘thank you.’
  50. Realize what your areas of weakness are and work to improve there.
  51. Don’t go looking for a relationship if you haven’t figured out how to be alone.
  52. Stop comparing yourself to others.
  53. Only compare yourself to the person you were yesterday.
  54. Stop ruining relationships because you’re afraid of getting hurt.
  55. Stop choosing the wrong people because you’re afraid to get it right.
  56. Stop saying you’re bad at relationships.
  57. And realize there’s a difference between not being good enough and right enough.
  58. Stop chasing people.
  59. And learn to stand still, letting things and people come to you.
  60. Realize the value of your time and your attention.
  61. Don’t waste someone else’s.
  62. If you’re unsure of how you feel about someone, let them go.
  63. Because you both deserve certainty.
  64. Learn to live in the moment.
  65. Stop being so attached to your phone.
  66. Focus more on the people who are there IRL.
  67. Stop clinging to pain because you’re used to it.
  68. Quit thinking he’s going to come back because you’re only hurting yourself.
  69. Stop holding on so tight to the memories you’re afraid you’ll forget.
  70. Understand there are some people you’ll love, but won’t be with.
  71. That realization shouldn’t haunt you.
  72. Don’t hold yourself back just because you’re scared.
  73. Learn to say these three phrases more. Thank you. I love you. I’m sorry.
  74. Learn how to listen.
  75. You aren’t always going to be right.
  76. Learn when to apologize.
  77. Realize when you’re in a bad mood and learn how to change it.
  78. Whatever energy you project out into the world, make sure it’s positive.
  79. Respect everything you’re feeling, even if it’s things you aren’t proud of.
  80. Learn to feel through some of your uglier emotions, then let them go.
  81. Be able to answer the question ‘what do I want?’
  82. Be able to answer the question ‘what will make me happy?’
  83. If you can’t answer those questions, you’ll never be satisfied with anything in your life.
  84. Realize when you’re holding onto someone you should be letting go of.
  85. Realize when the part you play in someone else’s life is over.
  86. And don’t stay there just because you might have a history.
  87. If there’s some big change you want to make in your life, go for it.
  88. If there’s somewhere you want to go, stop making up excuses or holding it off.
  89. Realize you’re in control of your life and no one else is.
  90. And if you aren’t proud of the life you’re leading, change it because you can.

* Because everything you have or don’t have in your life is a reflection of the choices you’ve made.


I Hope You…

In 2019 I hope you don’t settle for someone who confuses you about the way he feels.

I hope you don’t fall for someone who leads you on.

I hope this is the year you let go of that person you might love and adore but you realize ‘he’s never going to give me what I need or want.’

I hope when you say goodbye you actually mean it and walk away without looking back.

I hope you don’t invest in emotions and energy into someone who plays games with you.

I hope in 2019 you aren’t sitting by your phone trying to decode things because he’s liking your last post, but ignoring your text. He’s opening your snapchats and looking at your story, but doesn’t respond

I hope in 2019 you find someone who answers your texts quickly.

I hope this is the year you stop going for that certain bad boy type who only hurts you in the end.

The ones your friends don’t like and you swear you see something good in them.

I hope this is the year you stop falling for people who like that fact you like them and that’s it.

I hope you find someone who takes you on “real” dates.

And opens your door and pulls out your chair and pays for things because he respects you.

I hope 2019 is the year you get flowers sent your office.

I hope this is the year you learn to heal and really move on.

Learning to let go of the ghosts of your past and the almost loves that haunt you.

I hope you choose to walk away from people who come back saying ‘sorry’ because the right person wouldn’t have made the mistake of hurting you, to begin with.

I hope you don’t fall for someone who keeps telling you all the things you want to hear, but doesn’t follow through with actions.

I hope you find a relationship that is something more than a casual relationship, and just about sex.

Not just one. Now just the other.

Not just someone using you because they are hurt.

I hope 2019 is the year you realize you deserve commitment and a real relationship.

I hope this is the year you ask for what you want unapologetically.

I hope in 2019 you find the strength to walk away when someone doesn’t meet your expectations.

I hope you learn that someone else not liking you is a reflection of them and it doesn’t mean you lack something.

I hope 2019 is the year you realize what you deserve and you don’t stop until you get it.

I hope this is the year you realize asking for things and not getting them doesn’t mean you need to change the question, but rather change the person you’re asking.

I hope you don’t get fooled by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. And charming words from boys who don’t mean them.

I hope this is the year you find someone who likes you for you and what you have to offer.

I hope this is the year you stop giving people the benefit of the doubt.

I hope this is the year you stop accepting excuses and hold people accountable for their actions.

I hope this is the year you stop going so far out of your way for people who haven’t even proved they deserve it.

I hope you realize some people just aren’t worth the effort.

I hope you not only meet someone who meets you halfway, but goes above and beyond everything you expected.

I hope 2019 is the year you meet someone who continues to surprise you.

Someone who wants to make you happy.

Someone who will stop at nothing to ensure that.

I hope this is the year you meet someone you can bring around your friends and family without the fear of suddenly having to explain why he faded out or what happened because you don’t know.

I hope 201 is the year you find a love that stays.

A love that makes you realize you’d rather stay in then go out drinking and partying.

I hope 2019 is the year you don’t cringe wondering who your plus one will be.

I hope this is the year you meet someone who sees you in their future.

I hope 2019 is the year you can delete whatever dating app you have because you don’t need it anymore.

I hope 2019 is the year a new face fills your Snapchat stories.

And everyone who follows you can see how happy you really are.

I hope 2019 is your year of consistency and commitment.

Because you deserve someone who wants you and only you.

You deserve to remember what love feels like.

I hope 2019 is the year you find it.

Because I just want you to be happy, healed, and in a good relationship.

But you gotta want it enough for yourself that you learn to walk away from people who treat you badly.