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A Soft Heart That Becomes Kind.

I became kind in response to everyone who was so mean. And I knew I never wanted to be that type of person.

I learned to say no in every moment I allowed silence to speak for me.

I became quiet, when I realized people say things just to hear themselves talk.

I learned to speak and say things only that mattered.

I became soft for every person who hurt me, and tried to make me hard.

I learned resilence every time they told me I couldn’t, because I wasn’t smart enough, good enough, or talented enough to succeed.

I became smart when I realized knowledge is power, and I never wanted to stop learning.

I learned to love deeply when they tried to teach me they can pick and choose when they love me.

I became strong for others when I had to be, even though I was fighting battles people didn’t know of.

I learned to believe in love, when I realized that’s the one thing that can save us all when you do get it right.

I became pretty when I realized they were ugly on the inside and it didn’t matter what they looked like, even though they thought those things were important.

I learned to build others up because I knew what it felt like to be torn down.

I became a friend to all when I remembered what it felt like to sit alone at lunch.

I learned to choose words wisely when I learned their power and I saw the effect it had on me when people used words as weapons like daggers to destroy me.

I became someone whose touch was soft for every blow that wasn’t.

I learned to invest fully in relationships when I remembered how much blurry lines and confusion hurt me, and I’d never want to do that to someone or lead them on.

I became compassionate when I looked at them and realized all of this might be projected onto me, but I understand there’s something more here. Something that happened to them too.

I learned to speak up when they taught me I should be silent about the things that hurt me.

I became honest when I watched them as they lied. Simply to paint a picture of how they wanted others to see them.

I learned to run my fingers along sharp edges and not be horrified by the bad parts we all have.

I became good at keeping other people’s secrets, because I knew what it was like to lie.

I learned that when they blamed me, it wasn’t always my fault and I didn’t always have to be sorry.

I became a light for others when I remembered how much I hated sitting in the dark.

I learned that when they tried to change me, it was really pieces of themselves they weren’t happy with.

I became forgiving because I didn’t want to continue harboring things from my past within my heart.

I learned to love myself following the example of those who took it among themselves to teach me what love actually meant.

I learned sometimes the baggage you carry isn’t all yours, but other people’s that they gave you because you were strong enough to carry their burdens.

I learned to look forward instead of looking back, because I knew there was nothing for me there.


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You Think You Lost Her.

You think you lost her just because things ended.

You think it’s over just because she said so.

You think love has run out because you feel empty with every moment you try to forget.

You think you lost her just because she’s not around.

You think she doesn’t care just because she’s not showing it.

You think it doesn’t hurt her to lead a life without you.

But the truth is, maybe she ended it.

Maybe she walked away.

Maybe in moments it feels like she gave up.

But I know she still thinks of you.

The truth is, everyone has doubts.

Everyone is filled with uncertainty.

Everyone looks back and wonders about the choices they made.

You think you lost her, but that’s impossible.

Because you can never truly lose someone you loved.

Someone who loved you just as deeply.

Maybe it seems like she moved on.

Maybe she appears happier without you.

But you aren’t someone you get over that easy.

You’re the love she’ll compare everyone else too.

You’re the relationship that stumbled into her life and changed her.

And if you don’t believe me, just look at her. You think you lost her, but so much of the woman she turned into was a reflection of the love you showed her. If you broke her down and stripped her of all that she was, you’d see pieces of yourself there.

You think you lost her, but that can’t ever be the case..

And maybe you’ve tried to fight for her, only to lose yourself.

Maybe you met her more than halfway and you had to stop.

Maybe it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with timing and situations and where she is in her life. It’s scary when you look at someone and meet the person you can imagine spending the rest of your life with. And it’s even scarier when you aren’t ready for that sort of forever.

You think you lost her because she said goodbye. But people who are meant to be found, find their way back to each other in the end.

Maybe time, space, and distance need to be what happens first.

But anyone who can walk away from someone like you in the first place, I won’t say fool, but I will say is foolish.

You are the type of person people come across once in a lifetime lighting up both the lives and hearts within everyone you come across.

You are the type of person who changes everyone you meet.

And I know you think you lost her, but she’ll realize. Maybe when it hits her, it’ll be too late. Or maybe it’ll be at a time when you both are ready to pursue this.

Hold onto faith that if you love her, she’ll find her way back to you.

But don’t freeze your life waiting for her to realize the same thing a lot of people already know without having to leave to realize it. You are one of a kind.

And there isn’t a breakup. A goodbye. An ending that should make you feel inadequate.

You think you lost her.

I look forward to the day when that goodbye makes you realize it happened for a reason.

And there’s no telling what that reason could be.

Maybe it’s so you can find your way back again.

Or maybe you meet someone who counts their blessing that it didn’t work out in the first place and you look in the eyes of someone new, a little scared to open your heart to someone again. But it’s only when you open your heart can it heal again.

You think you lost her, but that’d be impossible because it isn’t your loss in all this. It’s hers.