Dog Mom Life.

If there is one thing in my life right now that I am proud of, it would be that I am a dog mom. Being a dog mom is great. The love my dog has for me and the love I have for my dog is not like any other. However, being a dog mom is not all playing fetch and kisses. Sometimes it can bring on some tough “mom” moments. If you’re a fellow dog mom, here are some things you should be familiar with.

1. Kisses

If you’re a fellow dog mom, you know that kisses are a part of every day life. My fur-baby finds any reason to kiss me. Good morning kisses are probably the best ones though. If you’re anything like me, you originally never liked kisses in the face, but now you can’t go a day without a kiss from your baby.

2. Dog Patrol

Probably the biggest downfall to being a dog mom is having to pick up after our little baby. Sure we love them will all of our hearts, but what comes out of them is not so lovable. Dog patrol is something that we cannot avoid, no body likes a poop filled yard.

3. “What are you eating?”

Asking my pup what he is eating is almost a daily occurrence. I’m always concerned about what he’s has gotten into. If you see your pup chewing on something and has that suspicious look I automatically ask him, “what are you eating?” Sometimes this includes chasing him around and finally taking it out of his mouth physically. But lets all be real, we also give our pups a little treat, which is probably why they get into everything.

4. Furry Clothes

It doesn’t matter if the clothes have just been washed, somehow there is always dog fur/hair on our clothing items. We can’t escape it. It is everywhere, hence the need to many lint rollers.

5. Time Outs

As much as we hate this part of being a dog mom, there has to be some structure in the house. The dog does not own the house. If he does something that is wrong, as much as it pains us, he gets himself put in a time out. However, he always looks so adorable with his “I’m sorry” face that his time out lasts a very short time.

6. Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a real thing. We all know our little baby has a hard time when we are not around. Sometimes they go a little crazy and destroy the house (my dog doesn’t do destroy the house, thank God), sometimes they cry for hours, and sometimes they just patiently wait for us. Not only do they have a hard time, we as dog moms have a hard time being away.

7. Loud Noises

As a dog mom, we are always concerned about our little pup. Loud noises often scare them causing some anxiety. We have to get a little creative to help out our pups when it comes to those loud noises. Sometimes cuddling is enough, but sometimes we have to pull out some headphones and our laptop and put on a movie or music for them.

8. Constant Dog Posts

I cannot be the only dog mom who constantly has some post about their little baby. Everyone needs to know how adorable he is along with all the goofy little things he does. I alway am taking pictures, so I’m ready to post!

9. Extra Cleaning

Having a dog requires a little more than normal house cleaning. Although this is never a fun thing, my little baby usually helps me out and makes things a little more enjoyable.

10. Great Therapy

Whenever you’re having a bad day or feeling a little under the weather, your fur-baby is GREAT therapy. They’re always there to comfort you and make you feel better.

11. A Happier Life

Dog moms are absolutely so happy with their life and honestly, it’s because of our furry little baby!

(Me and my fur-baby, Joey)




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