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“Too much a dreamer and not enough reality, they said…

They said, you’ll never make it in the world with a mind like that…

I said, I may never make it in your world, but in my world, I am free.”

“I want to lose myself in the music, give my soul to art, forget that I have a name, and become the kind of beautiful that is only found in the heart.”

“Poetry is thoughts that breathe, and words that burn.”

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Just Me Venting A Little.

All through my childhood I was a depressed child, and sheltered. I am the “black sheep” of the family. I felt like I didn’t fit in, and still do feel that way. When I reached my teenage years, I worsened. I became more dark. My depression was severe and I wasn’t receiving any treatment until I was about 17 years old. Then I got involved with drugs at age 25, and that makes your mental state even more severe. I wanted to numb ALL my pain. ALL my pain from being sexually, emotionally, physically, and mentally abused. BUT, once you stop using, ALL those feels and pain come back, and I wanted to get even more high, I couldn’t get high enough. I’m lucky to be alive and well today. Ever since I became clean on 7/5/2011, all I wanted to do was help EVERYONE I seen struggling with addiction or hopefully I can talk an addict into becoming clean and I could save a life. My first choice as my major before I went to college was Criminal Justice, because Forensics and Crime Scene investigations as well as Narcotic Enforcement interest me. Then, I took a class to become a Certified Peer Specialist, and wanted to become an Addiction Counselor because I like to help those in need, plus I have tons of experience and knowledge in this field. But after spending SO many nights, days, and weeks in the hospital for my addiction and mental disabilities because I was suicidal, I decided I wanted to major in Healthcare. So I pursued my education in Healthcare of 2015, and received my Associates Degree in Associates of Arts with a concentration in Health Administration/Medical Records, my Certification in Medical Billing & Coding, AND my Certification as a Medical Administrative Assistant. Today, I currently work in a Medical Practice, which I LOVE. All my coworkers are very supportive, and since my family hasn’t been in my life now for 6 years and counting due to my addiction, my coworkers are my family. I’ve made SO many past mistakes in my life that I SO regret, and some that I don’t regret such as abusing drugs. Because I learned SO much from my active addiction that made me who I am today…A Wiser and Stronger Woman!! I love the experience of actually feeling what feelings feel like. I love the experience of growing stronger and learning something new each and everyday. I tell my story to other’s when they ask, and they find it inspirational. A lot of people told me I should be a Speaker in a high school or Rehab Center. Since I fear public speaking, I decided to blog. So, this is how I got started blogging, I love to express my feelings in writing, because that’s how I best express them. I tried to make this blog as short as I could, but things just kept coming to my mind as I was typing. But anyway, I just had to vent a little and put this in writing as well. Thanks for listening and reading. Happy blogging!!