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I decided to change what I blog about, and the NEW tagline is “I Blog About Anything & Everything!!” I’m always up for suggestions, but here’s a list of what I blog about thus far. More will be added overtime.

*Abuse, *Addiction, *Advice, *Arts & Crafts, *Beauty, *DIY, *Education, *Family, *Fashion, *Food, *Health & Fitness, *Ideas, *Incarceration, *Interior & Exterior Decorating, *Inspirational, *Lifestyle, *Mental Illness, *Miscellaneous, *Music, *Open Discussion, *Open Topics, *Pets, *Pictures, *Poetry, *Products, *Q&A, *Quotes, *Reality, *Relationships, *Suicide, *Videos

Please don’t hesitate to comment if there’s anything else you think I should add.

Thank you!! ~CTW~