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Mind Over Matter.

Life can often intrude in our best-laid plans no matter how carefully we make them. Couples months ago I made plans to workout everyday at the gym and never stop till I reach my weight goal. Well, I quickly realized that the matter, less time/more work, wasn’t bigger than my mind’s ability to deal with what shows up, when it shows up. If I take the case that the matter lives inside of me rather than the other way around, then I have a situation to deal with, but the situation doesn’t have me.

Isn’t that what mind over matter means? It doesn’t mean there is no matter to deal with; it means that mind trumps matter.

So here are 5 ways to harness the power of mind over matter as a practice.

1. Decide. No matter what, you’re going to do it. Once you reaffirm yes, the world of ideas open up to instruct you on how you’re going to make it happen. When I decided I was going to workout everyday to reach my goal weight, I began to pull a strategy together on how to prepare versus rigidly adhering to an old strategy that would no longer work given the conditions I was dealing with. Decision triggers imagination.

2. Look into what’s possible. See the matter exactly as it is in terms of time and resources. For me time was the biggest issue. Instead of moaning about it, I looked at what I could do. I could preserve my workouts each week. I knew if I did just that, I could successfully reach my weight goal. My workout became my sacred duty. And a most unexpected mental change occurred. Instead of dreading my workouts each week, I actually looked forward to it, forgot about the hard work I had to put in, and would push harder to reach my goal.

3. Stretch your thinking. The greatest part of the mind over matter practice is how it stretches your thinking. What seemed impossible becomes possible. It impacts not just the situation du jour, but wherever you feel like giving up on what you want to achieve. Remember to give up thinking that life is “just one damn thing after another”. Instead interrupt that kind of thinking by saying NO to the matter, and YES to your intention. When you do, you begin to have a sense that you impact your life by what you believe is possible.

4. Believe that you can do it. The first person you have to convince is yourself. If you don’t believe you can, no one else will believe it either. You can access the deep well of confidence that rests inside of you, a well that’s fed by continuing to demonstrate your commitment.

5. Do what’s in front of you to do. The way you become present to tackle the next step is to do what is present to do now. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Tackle them as they come, and don’t let them stop you.

Try this practice and let me know what you discover. If nothing else, it will bring you present to this moment to engage with what’s possible before aggravation can swamp you and overturn your resolve to invoke your mind over matter!


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It IS A Disease.

There are so many who believe addiction is simple.

Mind over matter

How I wish this were true. If we’re so simple, then no one would ever become a slave to the many things we do. I know not one of us as a child said:

I think I want to grow up and sell my soul to the devil!!!

The more we write about our struggles and triumphs in addiction, the more likely it is that people may see that it is not a moral failing or a choice, but a disease of the body, mind, and spirit that must be arrested and maintained in order to heal. ~CTW~