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Ways To Share Your Story.

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In my post Spreading your writing wings I listed a number of sites where you could share your story or submit a guest blog.  Personally, I find it easy to feel comfortable about sharing my writing on my own blog, but there’s some uncertainty that comes along with submitting a post to another site.  So I try to push myself every so often to venture out of my comfort zone.  Here are a few more ideas on ways to share your work:

  • Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Life Unlimited feature: you can submit a request to be featured; submissions should focus on what the early indications were of your illness, what you’ve had to overcome, or what you’ve learned about yourself
  • GoodTherapy: personal experience, story must be 500+ words and original work
  • Having Time: personal essays about major life transitions, or actionable tips on improving mental wellbeing
  • Mind…

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How Therapy Saved My Life.

The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog

This is a rough of one of the chapters of my memoir. I wanted to share what I have so far as it is a topic of great importance in my life espeically as I work towards working on my social anxiety.

Therapy can be the Difference

I struggled in the years before I was able to receive help in the form of a therapist. I had to deal with my depression, anxiety, and even my social anxiety with little help before therapy. I got help with medications with my many psychiatrists, but I never had someone to talk to about my problems. It made me really self-conscious about talking about my issues.

When I have dealt with a mental illness since 2014, I have found steady footing in therapy. It comes down to the right therapist at the right time. I was able to get a real therapist who…

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A Ship Out At Sea.

The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog


It’s amazing how quickly time flies by when you are engaged in day to day battles that are ever consuming of your life.  Nothing astronomical has happened in my life, just one thing after another, mixed in with some debilitating anxiety and crippling depression.

I liken the last few weeks to being on a ship out at sea during a storm.  There is that calm before the storm.  The time where everything is quiet and dark, with bleak eeriness lingering in the air.  The eeriness that lets you know that something is off, and it’s just “too” quiet and still.  Then then the rain starts.  One drop and two, then three, four and five.  The light sprinkle turns into a steady rain and in no time, it is a deluge.   With your head down you work away, making sure that the boat is still all in good standing order with…

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