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Remember Your Journey Thru Life.

Everybody has a past. What makes yours different from everyone else’s is that you actually lived and survived yours. Your life shoes were fitted for you and not for anyone else. Your past only shows where you have been. Your today dictates where you are going. Don’t let your past dictate where you are going.

Understanding where you were in life, in comparison to where you are, will help you to be able to understand where you are going. Only look back on your life to see how far you have gone. It’s not meant for you to stay looking back. Looking back is so that you can see what you have accomplished.

Peace can only come from loving yourself. If you are not at peace, nothing around you will be at peace.

If you run into 3 negative people, it may be time to look at yourself to see if you are also negative.

Laughter is good for the soul. Learn to laugh at yourself; only then will you see the joy in life.

Always remember to look at the positive side of things. Looking at the negative side will only make you bitter.

If you only put positive things out in your universe, only positive things can return back to you.

Life has ups and downs, but it’s when you are down that you truly discover what you are made of.

Start your day off right and wake up with a smile every day. It will brighten your mood in the morning and will last throughout your day.

Be courageous in your life. Be brave enough to try something different. Only then will you discover new life possibilities.

If you are always doing the same thing, you will always end up with the same results. Do something different and gain a different result.

If the shoe doesn’t fit, kick it off and put on another shoe. Don’t be afraid of change kick it off and put on another shoe. Don’t be afraid of change because change is good –  it opens up worlds of possibilities.

Give a little of yourself in every situation; you never know who you will be helping. It may not be for the person you are giving a little of yourself to, but they may know someone who needs to hear what you said.

Walk with your head held high, because if you are looking down, you won’t know where you are going. Even when it gets rough, hold your head up high so you can tell when you are at the top.

The path you walk in life was already predestined by your creator so allow your creator to lead and guide you along your journey in life.

Find your purpose in life. You will be much happier in life knowing you are living out your purpose.

Lastly, show gratitude towards everything in life. Be grateful enough to say thank you from the smallest to the greatest. Your universe will continue to bless you because it knows you will be thankful.

7 thoughts on “Remember Your Journey Thru Life.”

  1. First of all, thank you for liking my page. Now to answer your question, all the things I post is related to me. I am diagnosed with Major Depression Disorder, Chronic PTSD, anxiety, and was an addict for 36 years. I am not a counselor but a lot of people have told me I should be bc I give great advice and have a lot of knowledge in these fields. I never blogged before, but I started my page bc people always tell me I should tell my story about my journey to others bc it’s inspirational. I just created my page yesterday and am not done setting it up yet. I’m still trying to figure it out. But I will be making daily updates to my page and I will be posting more about my journey. What I’ve posted so far, isn’t even close to the icing on the cake. So keep checking my page and liking. Thank you. ~Carla 💜~

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  2. Thank you! I’m only getting started, so keep checking back for more posts about my journey and updates to my page. ~Carla 💜~

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